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ISO 9001:2015, CSA W47.1-09 Machining: Machine Shop Controlled Goods Program
One (1); TOS WRD - 150(Q) CNC Horizontal
Six (6); TOS WHN - 13.8 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill
One (1); Mazak Integre 500H Mill/Turn with Live Tooling
One (1); Mazak Nexus 350 Lathe with Live Tooling
One (1); Mazak Nexus 510 Milling Machine
Machine Shop

Our Machine shop operates in a 35,000 Sq. ft area of the facility, and consists of the following equipment.

CNC Machinery
Boring Mills
c/w iTNC 530 Heidenhain controller
315" x 118" x 39" c/w 30 Ton Rotary Table with programmable right angle head
c/w iTNC Heidenhain controller
197" x 118" x 79" c/w 12 Ton Rotary Table
Mill/Turn with Live Tooling
Lathe with Live Tooling
Milling Machine
Manual Equipment
Floor Type Boring
One (1); 6" Horizontal Floor Type Boring Machine
With 20' travel with digital readout.
Complete with 16 ton rotary table.
Table Boring
Four (4); 4" Horizontal Rotary Table Type Boring Machines
60" x 49" with digital readout.
Four (4); Engine Lathes
Up To 45" swing over the carriage and up to 26' between centers.