Our valued customers can rely on our trusted machinists with over 200 years of combined experience to provide precision quality every time. Our diverse machining capabilities and capacity can handle any size or shape of project. We ensure there is never any productivity time lost in our machine bay through rigorous quality control and preventative maintenance on all our equipment. Our machine bay houses six TOS WHN boring mills, three Mazak machines for live tooling and milling, and numerous manual boring mills and lathes to ensure there is always the necessary equipment to meet customer deadlines. We also implement a two or three-shift operation schedule to work around-the-clock in order to deliver on time, every time.

Our machine shop is 35,000 sq. ft. with a 40-ton lifting capacity. We are capable of machining to high tolerances to create a precision finished piece. Thurston Machine Co Ltd also takes pride in our state-of-the-art dedicated room for our machine tools. Our tool room creates efficiencies in our process, saving our customers on time and costs, by creating tooling carts for each machine based on current production requirements and with a dedicated calibration station to ensure accuracy in testing the equipment.

Boring Mills

One (1) x TOS WRD - 150(Q) CNC Horizontal

  • 315" x 118" x 39" complete with a 30-ton Rotary Table with programmable right angle head

Six (6) x TOS WHN - 13.8 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

  • 197" x 118" x 79" complete with a 12-ton Rotary Table

One (1) x Mazak Integrex 500H

  • Mill/Turn with live tooling
  • Turning capacity up to 28" diameter by 62" between centres

One (1) x Mazak (QTN) Nexus 350

  • Lathe with live tooling
  • Turning capacity up to 18" diameter by 50" between centres

One (1) x Mazak (VCN) Nexus 510

  • Milling machine
  • Table capacity up to 40" x 20"

Manual Equipment

Floor Type Boring

  • One (1) x 6" Horizontal Floor Type Boring Machine
  • With 20' travel with digital readout
  • Complete with a 16-ton rotary table

Table Boring

  • Four (4) x 4" Horizontal Rotary Table Type Boring Machines
  • 60" x 49" with digital readout


  • Four (4) x Engine Lathes
  • Up To 45" swing over the carriage and up to 26' between centres


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